WDM-one automates your welding

Order WDM-one today and make your welding tasks smarter, easier and faster while helping your employees.

WDM-one automates your welding

Automation is the future of the welding industry and with our collaborative robot WDM-one, you help secure a better working environment for your employees and streamline your company.  

WDM-one is designed to be incorporated into every work environment, where it becomes a natural extension of the employee. The design allows you to move it around your production facilities, to wherever it is needed. 


Cutting-edge software

The cutting-edge software is the core that lifts the WDM-one to the extraordinary. It allows you to get a 3D view of the welding patterns as well as a simulation of the desired weld. The software also includes integration with selected welders for easy control of parameters. The software is designed with user convenience as the main purpose.


Intuitive and safe

WDM-one don’t need a security perimeter and can easily be incorporated into the employee’s workflow.


Intelligent data collection

WDM-one gives you quantifiable data, so you always have precise data on your welding assignments.

Attractive leasing agreement

From only €672/Mo. you can experience all the benefits of the WDM-one. 

Contact us today for a test or to set up an agreement. 

Attractive leasing agreement

From only €672/Mo. you can experience all the benefits of the WDM-One. 

Contact us today for a test or to set up an agreement. 

Buy WDM-one today

If you are ready to automate your welding, reach out to us for a quote or a demonstration of WDM-one

Short reimbursement time

The WDM-one liberates time for your employees to execute other tasks. By reducing the time two of your employees spend welding, the WDM-one has made a return on the investment in under 9 months.  

Try our ROI-calculator (Return on Investment) and see how fast the WDM-one becomes profitable for you.  

The calculator takes into account that an operator works daily with:

Setting up new boxes, removing packed pallets, cleaning, etc. equal to around 10 % of a normal workday of an operator.

The calculation considers 5 workdays a week and 50 weeks per year.

Number of workers per shift:

Annual labor cost per worker:

Number of workshifts per day:

Return of investment in months:

Test WDM-one with your products before you make the investment.

The collaboration between employee and machine is our greatest concern. That is why we offer the possibility to test the WDM-one for a week at your facility.  

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