Financing with DLL

Get financing on selected products with a leasing solution from DLL.

finansiering med DLL

Who is DLL?

DLL is a global financing partner. We enable businesses to acquire the technology, equipment and software assets they need to grow. We provide sustainable and efficient financing solutions as well as knowledge and advice on more intelligent and economical use of capital assets.

With more than 50 years of industry experience, we understand the unique needs of our global customers and work hard to deliver the flexible solutions they need. DLL is headquartered in Eindhoven in the Netherlands and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rabobank Group.

Offering solutions

We offer highly customized and competitive programs that other financing companies cannot provide. We have the in-depth industry knowledge and expertise to deliver the excellent service and customer experience you deserve. For us, financing is more than just lending money. We see it as an overall solution that creates value and supports the growth and ambitions of our business partners and end customers. We strive to inspire companies to see the possibilities of being able to use the equipment – without owning it. Our services include e.g. rent, leasing, sales financing, and installments as well as administration and management of risks and assets.

Why choose a leasing solution?

Frees up capital that can be used for other return-friendly investments, does not burden the investment budget.

Get a better ratio in the balance than the rental properties
are not usually capitalized in the accounts.

Payment in step with value realization of the object. Get a better cash flow and thus better key figures when costs and income are combined. There is no advance payment of VAT regarding the time of acquisition. You get simple budgeting and accounting, as the rent is known throughout the rental period and expensed in full. There is also the option of replacing equipment during the contract period.

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Commerciel finans

Grow your business with financing solutions.

Offer your business partners solutions within warehouse financing and asset-based lending. Make your business stand out thanks to a wide range of financial solutions for manufacturers, retailers and distributors. Take advantage of extended payment terms, credit facilities and loans to increase the product flow via the channel in question, strengthen the stock or fill your showroom with equipment, without straining the credit facilities.

– Finance your inventory
– Place more units in the dealer’s inventory
– Safe product
– Keep cash and bank lines open