Interstore, also called iStore, automates your warehouse. It makes your inventory management both smarter, faster and more efficient.

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What is a warehouse robot?

The iStore warehouse robot is an advanced robot technology that is specially designed to streamline warehouse management and picking processes in a fast and precise manner. This robot is developed with a wide range of advanced features and technologies that enable it to optimize warehouse work and minimize errors and time consumption. 

One of the most important features of the iStore warehouse robot is its ability to capture information about the goods and their location in the warehouse, using advanced image recognition technology and sensors. This means that it can navigate efficiently around the warehouse and locate the items it needs to pick without making mistakes. 

Why choose iStore?

The iStore warehouse robot is also equipped with advanced mechanical arms and grippers, which enable it to pick goods from the shelves and place them in the right boxes or containers. This is done with a high degree of precision and speed, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of errors. 

Another important feature of the iStore warehouse robot is its ability to learn and adapt. It can register and analyze data on inventory and picking processes and use this information to optimize work and minimize waste and errors. In addition, it can also be integrated with existing warehouse systems and software, allowing for even greater efficiency and automation. 

The iStore warehouse robot is a reliable and efficient solution for optimizing warehouse management and picking processes. With its advanced features and technologies, it can help reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve the overall customer experience. 

Much faster picking

iStore delivers a new product every 3 seconds. Therefore, you save the time of going to different locations in your warehouse. You can  stand in the same place and pick all your goods, thus increasing your efficiency by up to 80%.

Using standard boxes

iStore uses stardard boxes i the measurements of 60x40cm in different heights. The boxes are divided after your prefrences and contains as many products as you wish. Each box can contain products up to 35kg. 

Logic Warehouse Management system

Easy integration or completely stand-alone

iStore can be used as a stand-alone robot or as an integrated robot in your facility. Our own warehouse robot management system can be used with the iStore to manage your warehouse and your manual racks and trucks.

iStore compresses your goods to take up less floor space by utilizing the full height of the building. iStore is also energy-efficient and does not require any special electrical installation. 


Buy iStore

You can buy iStore by contacting Michael either on the telephone number + 45 70 70 70 62 or by filling in the contact form. 


Director – PM SHOP

“Interstore has streamlined how our warehouse works and has helped us get a bigger picture. It has been easy for our people to learn how to use the warehouse system. iStore has enabled us to have our fast runners in a small area so we become more productive and can process several orders per day.”


Owner of El-Grossisten

“iStore and Logic have made our everyday life easier and we have increased our customer satisfaction by minimizing our mistakes. The integration of iStore in my company has been easy and the employees have welcomed iStore because it is so easy to learn to use.”


Director – PM PACK

“InterStore is characterized by thorough and knowledgeable guidance – through all fairness. We found that automating warehouse processes is not only for very large companies but also benefits us
With the investment in the iStore, we have been able to have more goods in our warehouse due to the compact storage in the iStore.”

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