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Order PTZ-one today and optimize your palletizing and create a better work enviroment for the employees.

Meet Michael and Erik

Michael (CEO) and Erik (COO) started the company in 2020.

"We wanted to contribute to the improvement and optimization of companies' processes using automation, and thus InCite Robotics was created."
Michael Hye Nielsen
CEO of InCite Robotics


InCite Robotics is a Danish company specializing in improving and optimizing business processes through automation. The company was founded by experienced entrepreneurs with expertise in robotics technology. Michael Hye Nielsen (CEO) and Erik Ølgaard Nielsen (COO) have 37 years of experience in robotics technology, automation, sales, and project management of large complex projects.

We have a common mission to contribute to the improvement and optimization of business processes through the use of automation, which will lead to increased earnings and improved bottom lines.

At InCite Robotics, high-quality solutions are delivered, and projects are typically completed within 1-4 months. We use thoroughly tested products and focus on creating effective solutions.

We offer consulting and expertise to companies looking to improve their production and increase efficiency and quality. We focuse on automating with standard solutions and has developed a range of smart robot applications for the industrial and educational sectors. This makes automation cheaper and more accessible for smaller companies. Previously, automation required expensive custom solutions, which were often only available to companies with larger production series.

"The situation in the world is changing rapidly, and there is a need for innovative thinking in companies. The need to automate businesses is now even greater than a year ago, so independence needs to be the focus, and many are choosing to bring production closer to Denmark again. Such a significant shift in production requires new, easily accessible products so that the transition can happen quickly and efficiently."
Michael Hye Nielsen
CEO at InCite Robotics


Erik has an education in civil engineering with over 25 years of international experience in top management in sales and project management at FLSmidth, as well as a Project Director at Rockwool.

He knows what competencies are needed to lift a large project such as a production conversion. Together with Michael Hye Nielsen, who has over 30 years of experience in the automation industry, they have the right experience to handle this type of task.


”We complement each other really well both professionally and personally. Michael is very creative and can see exactly how a production should be automated. I am more structured and used to running large projects, and I have a good understanding of which competencies need to be involved. We make a good team.”
Erik Ølgaard
COO at InCite Robotics
Michael Hye Nielsen (CEO) og Erik Ølgaard (COO)
Billede af WDM og teamet bag


We work with the best manufacturers of standard automation solutions. InCite Robotics’ partners have significant experience and skills  from the robotics and process industry. It must benefit the customers, and we are looking forward to sharing this knowledge and experience with your company.

producering af robot applikationer

This is why we are experts

At InCite Robotics, we are experts in automation because we have a team of highly educated engineers and technologists who specialize in developing automation solutions for a wide range of industries. We have extensive experience in robotics, mechanics, electronics, and software development. Additionally, we have access to the latest technologies and tools in the automation industry, and we are always at the forefront of the latest trends and updates in robotics technology. Therefore, we can offer our customers the most advanced and effective automation solutions.

Reliable partner

At InCite Robotics, we share our expertise and experience to achieve the best possible results. We understand our customers’ needs and requirements and tailor our automation solutions to ensure they perfectly fit their business needs and goals. We have a team of experts in robotics, mechanics, electronics, and software development who can deliver high-quality automation solutions. At InCite Robotics, we work closely with our customers throughout the project’s lifespan, actively collaborating with them to ensure our solutions meet all requirements.

The process

With us as partners, we start with a meeting to be able to understand your issues. Once we have familiarized ourselves with the problems and issues, it will become clear to see how we can help you in the best possible way. Then we will start the process to prepare your project. We keep in touch on an ongoing basis and carry out quality checks with you.

Who are we?


Hye Nielsen, B.Sc. CEO & Founder

+45 24 40 80 94 Follow on Linkedin


Owsiak-Damkjær, PBA.
Business Controller
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Ølgaard Nielsen, M.Sc.
COO & Co-founder
+45 52 17 80 94
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Meidahl Mark Jensen, B.Sc.
Construction Engineer
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Toft Franzen, B.Sc.
Robotics Engineer
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(M.Sc.E.E) Embedded System & Software Engineer
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Hye Nielsen.
Robotics Engineer Student
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Høiberg Giselsson
Computer Vision and AI specialist
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Slabiak Jensen
Sales cheif / Sales Manager
+45 30 20 16 46
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Knox Sørensen AK.
PLC programmer and electrician
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Return of Investment
Link to the ROI Calculator

Based on our many years of experience from previous projects, we know that your return on investment will be between 0.5 and 3 years.

We deliver quality

At InCite Robotics, we deliver quality through product development. We focus on developing innovative, high-quality products that are reliable, user-friendly, and cost-effective. We invest in research and development to ensure our products are in line with market requirements and customer needs. We maintain a high standard of production and quality control to ensure that all products leaving InCite Robotics meet quality standards and are thoroughly tested before being shipped to our customers. 

Kvaliteten er i top hos InCite Robotics
Stærkt netværk med mange samarbejdspartnere

Efficient network

Our network of partners gives us the opportunity to access the latest gear in robotics technology. This result in the fact that our solutions are very competitive.

Our partners

Benefits when collaborating with InCite Robotics

When you collaborate with InCite Robotics, we are helpful throughout the process; from the innovative idea presentation and project management, to safe start-up, integration and complete delivery of the chosen solutions.

We select the best and proven products on the market with you, and put them together into a stable standard solution that fits your task exactly and ensures higher uptime, better quality and an owerall easier everyday working life.
We automate the easiest things first – this is what we call the “low-hanging fruit” – deselect the most expensive 20% of your production and start with standard robot applications. It is cheaper, safer and it will quickly produces visible results on the bottom line.

We also sell products from our business partners, which you can see in the catalog.

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