The welding robot WDM-one automates your welding, making your welding tasks more exact, faster and creates a better work environment for the employees.

svejserobot fra InCite Robotics

What is the welding robot, WDM-One?

The welder robot WDM-one is designed to be incorporated into any work environment and becomes a natural extension of the employee as it can easily be moved around the production for different tasks.

The welder robot WDM-one is equipped with advanced software, which enables it to program and perform welding processes in a precise and repetitive manner. The use of this robot leads to increased productivity, fewer errors and greater safety in the workplace.

Our collaborative welder robot WDM-One fits perfectly into all industries and schools. What sets our collaborative welder robot apart from competitors is its many built-in features. – Our welder robot is equipped with a Kemppi welder.

It can work quickly and accurately, thus increasing productivity and reducing costs in a production line. The welder robot can also help improve the working environment as it can perform tasks that would normally require an operator to be exposed to dangerous or harmful working conditions.

Welder robots are also known for their high precision and uniformity, which can lead to higher quality and less waste in production.

Automation is the future of the welding industry and with our welder robot WDM-One, you are helping to ensure a better working environment for your employees and streamline your business.

svejserobot fra InCite Robotics

Groundbreaking software

The core of welder robot WDM-One is the groundbreaking software that elevates the welder robot to the extraordinary. It gives you the ability to get a 3D image of the welding patterns as well as a simulation of the desired welding. The user-friendly software also includes integration of selected welding equipment for easy and fast welding parameter settings.

Intuitive and safe

The welder robot WDM-One does not require a safety perimeter and can easily be integrated into the employees’ workflow.

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Intelligent data collection

With WDM-One, you always get accurate numbers on your welding tasks through measurable data that the welder robot provides you.

Get PDF for specifications

You can download the specification sheet WDM-One here. Simply click on the icon.

Leasing agreement

At InCite Robotics, we offer leasing agreements that can be advantageous for companies wishing to finance the purchase of the WDM-One welder robot. The advantage of leasing is that it avoids a large cash payment, which can be a challenge for many companies.

Why choose a leasing solution?  

❕ No prepayment of VAT
❕ Simple budgeting and accounting
❕ Better key figures when expenses and revenues are reconciled

From a starting price of 5.000 DKK/month, you can benefit from all the advantages of the welder robot in your company.

Buy welding robot WDM-One

Buy the welder robot WDM-One
Automate your welding tasks and achieve more precise welding. A welder robot is an investment that can have many benefits for your business, the welder robot can weld with great precision and uniformity.

With WDM-One welder robot, you get:

Increased productivity – The welder robot works faster than a person and can work for longer periods, increasing productivity and reducing production costs.

Higher quality – The welder robot’s high precision and uniformity can lead to higher quality and less waste in production.

Better working environment – The welder robot can perform tasks that would normally require an operator to be exposed to dangerous or harmful working conditions, thus improving the working environment.

Return of Investment (ROI)

With the welding robot, WDM-One, you free up time for your employees to perform other tasks. An ROI calculator is a simple but effective tool that helps calculate your Return On Investment (ROI). It can be a challenging task to calculate ROI manually, but with an ROI calculator like the one you see below, simply enter some basic information and the calculator will do the calculation for you.


It takes the fact that an operator works on the line daily into account and that the worker will spend time on:

Setting up new products, removing finished products, cleaning, and more.

Approximately 10% of the operator’s normal working time.

Calculated with 5 working days per week and 50 weeks per year.

Number of operators released per shift:

Annual labor costs per operator:

Number of operator shifts per day:

Return of investment in (displayed in months)

Contact us if you need help with your calculations,
then we will find a solution that works for you.

Test with your products

The interaction between employee and machine is important to us. Therefore, we offer that you can test the palletizing robot PTZ-one for a week with us.


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