Order PTZ-one today and optimize your palletizing and create a better work environment for the employees.

What is the palletizer, PTZ-One?

PTZ-one is a fully automatic palletizing robot that can easily be moved around the company for different palletizing tasks. With simple and easy-to-understand software, the robot can be quickly reprogrammed for new products. By palletizing fully automatically, work hours are freed up for an employee who can then handle other important tasks in the company. PTZ-one comes with Trendlog so you can monitor production in real-time on your mobile device. PTZ-one is approved to stand freely without safety guards and is not a danger to employees or your production.

Groundbreaking software

The palletizing robot, PTZ-one’s innovative software makes it quick and easy to set up palletizing of all types of packages via the touch screen – a reconfiguration takes less than 2 minutes, so you can easily move from one task to the next.

Intuitive and safe

The palletizing robot PTZ-one does not require a safety fence and can easily and safely integrate into the workspace. The software is designed with user-friendliness in mind, reducing setup time by over 90%.

Stærkt netværk med mange samarbejdspartnere

Intelligent data collection

PTZ-one provides measurable data, so you always have accurate figures for your palletizing. The palletizing robot’s built-in motion optimization also creates a smooth flow in the movement pattern and extends the lifespan by up to 30%.

Get a leasing deal

We offer an attractive leasing agreement that can help companies achieve business goals without having to tie up a large amount of capital in a single investment. With a leasing agreement, your company can lease products and services for a fixed monthly fee.

Starting at just 5,000 DKK/month, you can enjoy all the benefits of the palletizing robot in your company.

Buy Palletizing Robot PTZ-one

Our palletizing robot is designed to automate the palletizing process, allowing you to save time and increase productivity in your company. Our palletizing robot is efficient and can handle a wide range of palletizing tasks. If you are ready to automate your palletizing, contact us today.

Return of investment (ROI)

With the palletizing robot, PTZ-One, you free up time for your employees to perform other tasks. An ROI calculator is a simple but effective tool that helps calculate your Return On Investment (ROI). It can be a challenging task to calculate ROI manually, but with an ROI calculator like the one you see below, simply enter some basic information and the calculator will do the calculation for you.


It takes the fact that an operator works on the line daily into account and that the worker will spend time on:

Setting up new products, removing finished products, cleaning, and more.

Approximately 10% of the operator’s normal working time.

Calculated with 5 working days per week and 50 weeks per year.

Number of operators released per shift:

Annual labor costs per operator:

Number of operator shifts per day:

Return of investment in (displayed in months)

Contact us if you need help with your calculations,
then we will find a solution that works for you.

Test with your products

The interaction between employee and machine is important to us. Therefore, we offer that you can test the palletizing robot PTZ-one for a week with us.

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