We sell standardized automation solutions. They are assembled with well-tested quality products.





InCite Robotics and our partners have been working in the robotics and automation industry for many years. We know and work with the latest technologies every day and know where to go wrong in the process and what not to do.

Use InCite Robotics’ vast experience and get to the finish line safely and quickly.




20+ years of experience

InCite Robotics has more than 20 years of experience with robot technology and automation processes. Therefor, we can finish a project in 1-4 months.

fast roi

Because of our experience from previous projects we can say that your Return of Investment (ROI) will be between 0,5-3 years.

effeicient network

Our business partners offers us the opportunity to access the newest gear surrounding robot technology. Because of this, our solutions are extremely  competitive.

your business partner

When you collaborate with InCite Robotics, we can help throughout the process; from the innovative idea presentation and project management, to safe entry, integration and complete delivery of them chosen solutions from you.

growing your business

Automate the easiest first – what we call the “low-hanging fruit” – opt out of the most expensive 20% of your production and start with standard robot applications. It is cheaper, safer and quickly produces visible results on the bottom line.


high quality

Together, we select the best and most well-tested products on the market, whereafter we assmeble them to ensure a stable standard solution that fits your task exactly and ensures higher uptime, better quality and an easier everyday life.

With an automation solution from
Incite robotics you will get..

0 %
Minium increased income
0 %
Realisable business partners
0.5 years
Quick Return of investment (ROI) between 0.5-3 years

..We call that Easy and
straightforward automation.

our business partners

We work with the best manufacturers of standard automation solutions.

– Easy and straightforward automation –

Who is incite robotics?


To contribute to the improvement and optimization of companies’ processes through the use of automation


To provide our customers with the best advice and products for solutions within the automation of their processes.


We want to be the preferred partner and supplier to improve processes in the use of automation in Denmark / Europe


Our values are Innovative, orderliness, credibility, openness and visibility.

how do we work?

At InCite Robotics, we deliver solutions with standard robot applications.

We are a consulting company that helps companies focus on improvements and efficiency in their production apparatus, both in terms of quality and production, and increase earnings with a direct effect on the bottom line.

When you collaborate with InCite Robotics, we are helpful throughout the process and participate from innovative idea presentation and project management, to secure commissioning, integration and finished delivery of the chosen solutions with you.

Implementation of the projects is of very high quality and is built from known and proven standard products. We focus on the composition of selected solutions with thoroughly tested standard products, where we do not have to go out and invent something new every single time.

The projects are carried out in close collaboration with you, where benefits for the companies are gradually and efficiently achieved, rather than very long project runs.

From experience, we carry out a typical project of between 1 to 4 months. Part of our preliminary analysis also gives you an answer to “Return Of Investment” (ROI) – that is, your investment. Here, too, we have experience from other partners and projects – we know what we are talking about with a payback period from 0.5 to 3 years.

InCite Robotics’ employees and partners have gained considerable experience and competencies from the robotics and process industry. It should benefit customers, so we look forward to passing on this knowledge and experience to your company.

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